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ZAP or ZAP 2000, as it is also known, is some really powerful stuff. Perhaps you've seen the infomercial on TV where someone's very dirty, messy looking bathroom gets a major facelift with it? Now quite honestly, we have no idea how these bathrooms got so dirty in the first place. They look as if someone was hosting a mud wrestling match in them. We figure all the dirt is to make the effect of cleaning with Zap a bit more dramatic. Well, we cut through all the drama and tested Zap ourselves.

Zap is specifically formulated for porcelain, terrazzo, ceramic tile and grout. Now the fact that Zap works so well is because it contains sulfuric acid and muriatic acid. By themselves and in pure form, these chemicals are very strong and corrosive. Though the folks over at Sirius Products, the makers of Zap, have given it a pleasant minty smell, it should always be used in well ventilated areas.

The Zap Kit brings two bottles of Restorers, two bottles of Maintainers (the TV informercial offers a special "double-sized" bonus), one soft scrub pad and one course scrub pad. The bottles are cleary marked "Restorer" and "Maintainer". The Restorer would be the one to use on heavily soiled cleaning projects and the Maintainer would be used for maintenance. We imagine that the Restorer is stronger than the Maintainer, however both do contain sulfuric and muriatic acids.

We first tested the Zap on our bathroom tiles and grout. NOTE: our bathroom is cleaned on a regular basis so they in no way looked as dirty as the ones on the infomercial. ; ) Anyway, we sprayed the restorer on some grout that had been stained and discolored. We only targeted a small area of tiles and grout and left the rest alone so we'd be able to compare them. We sprayed the grout and let the Zap stand for about two minutes. We then scrubbed the grout with the course scrub pad and the stain and discoloration dissipated almost immediately. So far, so good.

We then tested the Zap on a discolored brass vase that hadn't been polisehed in quite some time. Almost instantly, the vase's brilliant color started shining through. We also attempted to restore another smaller copper/brass vase that had some painted designs on it. We forgot to test it on a small area first. Oooops! The painted areas got rubbed away.

Clearly, Zap should always be tested on a small area first to check for discoloration. Also, the bottles do state that they shouldn't be used on painted surfaces. The good news is that our vase got restored to what it looked like before it was painted on.

Next, we took some of our rusty hand tools and applied the Zap on them as we were curious to see how effective it would be against rust. The tools were a rusty knife and screwdriver. We applied the Zap full strenght and used the rough pad provided with the kit to clean them. In no time at all the rust was gone and the tools looked almost like new. We dare not say that they looked 'like new' because our tools suffer from numerous dents and scratches that the Zap was just not designed to restore. It only removed the rust - just as we expected. For that, we were very satisfied.

Oh, and what about the test done on the shower head as seen on the infomercial? You know, the one clogged with hard water stains and calcium deposits? Yeah, we did that too. The only thing we did different was that we removed the shower head from its place before we cleaned it. We placed the shower head in a small plastic bucket and added some Zap which we diluted with water (we really didn't want to use pure Zap as we felt it just would've gone to waste). We placed the bucket aside and left it alone for a few hours. Remember, we didn't use pure Zap - we diluted it in water.  So, we figured that we needed to wait a bit longer for it to do its work.

We wiped the shower head clean and then screwed it back in place and ran the water. Well, what do know? It worked. We noticed and immediate increase in the water flow as the shower head was completey unclogged. 

Overall, Zap! is a nifty product to use if you have some heavy porcelain, terrazzo, ceramic tile and grout restoring to do. Mind you, we said "restoring", not "cleaning". We also recommend that you use gloves when using this product if you have sensitive skin.

As with any product, be sure to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions when using Zap.

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Rating: We gave this product 4 stars!

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