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Powerful Non-toxic foam cleaner!

 Orange Glo Power Paste

~~~If power paste were a superhero, who would it be - Superman or Wonder Woman?~~~

Power Paste has been specially formulated to power-away all the stains and baked on dirt that you thought was impossible to remove making tough cleaning jobs easier for you.

This incredible foaming cleanser works on grime and removes rust without harming your skin. Power Paste has a fresh orange smell so you don't need a gas mask to use it!

Power paste attacks:

  • mineral deposits, rust, tarnish, soap film
  • grease, tar, scuff marks, sap
  • and caked-on food

Great for use all around the house and safe to use on:

  • kitchen & bathroom tiles
  • sinks, showers and tubs
  • stove tops & grills, microwave ovens
  • copper, stainless steel and aluminum pots and pans
  • brass & chrome, glass
  • linoleum, coolers, and even your keys!

No need to wear gloves because Power Paste contains no acid, lye, bleach, caustic chemicals or ammonia!

  • 3 - 14 oz. tubs

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