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Stained your clothes? No problem! Use oxiclean spray-a-way to quickly and easily make the stain disappear.


Ever stained your clothes by accident? Ever been out eating and have gotten food stains on your shirt or blouse? What do you do next? You grab a moist cloth or run to the restroom and try to get the stain out. But, instead of getting it out, you wind up spreading the stain all over the place. Worse still, sometimes the stain seeps through to the underlayers of your clothing. Bummer.

Well, we've got great news for you. The makers of Oxiclean have the perfect solution -- the new Oxiclean Spray-A-Way. Simply spray it on and watch the stain disappear instantly.

The Oxiclean Sprayaway is one of the latest additions to the arsenal of oxiclean cleaning products. It comes in a small spray bottle that you can conveniently carry anywhere - your pocket book, purse, car, office or anywhere. Whenever you get your clothing stained, just pull it out, spray the stain and your done!

We were wondering when the folks over at Orange Glo were going to make something this. There are other stain removing pens on the market, but Oxiclean Spray-a-way stands by their claims and promises that it will not only remove the tough stains, but will also help preserve the life of your clothes. Hey, we really like that.

So what stains can you remove with this little powerhouse of a cleaner? For starters, it works on both liquid and food stains such as:

  • Grape Juice
  • Grape Juice stains
  • Blueberry stains
  • Ketchup, Catsup (tomato stains)
  • Wine
  • Chocolate
  • And Much more!

And guess what? The Spray-a-way actually contains the power of oxiclean. And guess what else? It's economical too! You can get a 4 pack for less than 10 bucks. Hey, we really like this too.

So, go ahead a pick up your bottle of the oxiclean spray a way today and never worry about accidently staining your clothes (or other tough laundry stains) ever again.

  • 4 pack
You can pick up a 4-pack here for about $9.50. >> Get Oxiclean Spray A Way now

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