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Oxiclean is perhaps the Orange Glo Company's most popular cleaner. I'm sure you've seen the infomercial where the host drops a scoop of the cleaner inside a see-through water tank. The water inside the tank has been darkened by ink, ketchup and the like. Once oxi clean has been added, the water almost instantly clears up. Talk about "magic crystals" and "wonder dust". Well it turns out that this versatile stain remover can practically clean it all, from your laundry to your driveway.

Oxi Clean is oxygen based and water activated. This means that when you add water, the cleaner is activated and releases a whole bunch of tiny air bubbles kind of like Alka-Seltzer®. Now, the key is to use the cleaner with some very hot water (not boiling). The 2.5lb jar states that the hotter the water the stronger the cleaning power. The cleaner is also a bleach, but without the chlorine. This makes it practical to use on your laundry.  The cleaner also seems to have been specifically designed to work on organic stains. Organic stains are stains that contain carbon compounds like blood, urine, pet messes, mold, mildew, and food.

Well, we put this little miracle cleaner to the test. The first place we used it on was in our laundry. We added one scoop of the cleaner, along with our regular laundry detergent, to our dirty laundry. When we say dirty laundry we mean sweat, ink, food, lipstick stains and the typical everyday stains. The first wash was the whites and the second was the colors. Typically we would use our regular detergent and bleach on our whites and just the detergent alone on our colors. We let the whites soak for a few minutes in the cleaner and washed as normal. NOTE: we used no chlorine bleach as the cleaner shouldn't be mixed with it. We followed suit with the colored clothing. 

After drying the loads we began to inspect all the clothing. Much to our expectations, all the stains were gone. The clothing smelled clean and fresh and the whites did seem to be brighter. The one surprise was on a pair of khaki slacks that were stained with grease. We had to wash those more than once and apply the cleaner directly on the stain in order to get them clean. Overall, we were very pleased with the results and have used Oxi Clean on our laundry ever since.

The next place we tested the miracle cleaner was on some mold and mildew stains that had formed on our bathroom tiles. Mold and mildew stains are organic and the cleaner works very well on those. Anyway, we mixed it with just a little hot water and made a thick paste. We applied it to the stains and let it stand for a short while. We then rubbed the stain with a sponge and it started coming off. The stain did not come completely off in some places so we repeated the procedure once again until it all disappeared. So far, so good.

The next place we tested it was on - you guessed it - our living room's center piece rug. We targeted a juice stain that someone dropped on it some time ago. At first we were a bit dubious that the cleaner was going to work as the stain had been there for quite a while. Oh sure, we've seen the infomercial where the cleaner is used on a fresh stain and it instantly cleans it up. But how about a stain that had been set in for some time? That's what we wanted to know. Well, we mixed the Oxiclean with hot water and applied it to the juice stain. After a few minutes of letting it work its way in, we started rubbing away at the stain and it began to dissipate. When all was said and done, the stain had cleared up about 90%. We didn't take the time to repeat the procedure. To be honest, we figured we'd have to try at least more than once to completely remove the stain as it had been there for months. We just decided to leave well enough alone.

Overall, the Oxi Clean is an excellent versatile cleaning product to have around the home.

As with any product, be sure to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions when using oxi clean.

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Rating: We gave this product 4 and 1/2 stars!

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