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Super concentrated cleaner that eradicates grease and grime and saves you money!

 Orange Clean

Orange Clean is a natural degreaser made from pure orange oil that melts away grease and grime and years of dirt while leaving your home with the wonderful fresh smell of oranges.

Save Money!
Just One 8oz. bottle of Orange Clean Super Concentrate makes 6 - 7 16oz. bottles of multi-purpose cleaning solution!

Use Orange Clean to clean virtually any surface around your home!

  • kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, toilets
  • stove tops, ovens, grills, gas ranges
  • walls, floors, tiles, automobile engines, and more!

It's safe, easy to use and smells great!
Orange Clean smells wonderful. It smells so pleasant that you'll actually enjoy using it.

Best of all, it's environmentally friendly, safe and biodegradable.

Save Time!
You control how strong a solution to make Orange Clean. Use it full strength for really tough jobs or dilute it in water to meet your needs.

Orange Clean will effectively wipe out:

  • crayon marks, grease and grime, food stains
  • fruit juice stains, ground in dirt
  • It can even removes sticky labels!
  • 8 oz, 32 oz

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