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No more lower back strain! No more wet hands!

 Miracle Mop

Tired of having to bend over and straining your lower back just to wring out your mop after doing the floor? Fed up with using your hands to wring out your dirty mop head? Well then the Miracle mop is for you!
    Never bend over to wring out your mop again!
  • No more chapped, wet hands!
  • No more lower back strain or sore back muscles!

The miracle mop features a self-wringing action grip that's easy to use! Just grab it and twist. This means no more bending over to wring out your mop! And because it is made of continuous loop cotton, it is highly absorbent and won't scratch any hard surface. You can use it as a dust mop and not worry about scratching your floor.

The highly absorbent mop head picks up spills in a jiffy and means that you'll get done cleaning a whole lot faster!

The miracle mop's mop head is removable, machine washable and can even be replaced!

Order your Miracle Mop or just the mop head today!

  • 1 Unit
Price: $14.95
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